A guide to rock and roll beds

Having a van conversion can allow for greater freedom when travelling. No matter where you go, you’ve always got a bed for the night and all your facilities are close at hand. A popular idea with converted vans is to have a rock and roll bed, where the bed also functions as a set of seats during transit.

What is a rock and roll bed?

A rock and roll bed is a great way to make the most of your space and have a relaxing night’s sleep. A rock and roll bed functions as a set of car seats for travel and daytime use, transitioning to a bed for night-time for comfort. The VW campervan seats can also be manoeuvred closer or further away from the front seats, depending on your needs and layout.

How does a rock and roll bed work?

The rock and roll bed will fold out or pull out, depending on the design, to take up the majority of the back of your van conversion, excluding any space taken up by cupboards or utilities that you have had installed. The rock and roll beds are designed to be easy to operate and will usually be converted using a handle or lever. While in their seat form, they can be moved forward or backward, if you need more space in the rear for luggage.

How to choose your rock and roll bed

Beds for small groups or couples

If it’s just you or perhaps you and one other, you can have a bigger bed in the van, as you won’t need to worry about where to fit everyone in. If you’re not so worried about having a bigger bed, you can take advantage of the smallness of your group to use that space for storage, appliances or living space instead.

Beds for large groups

Rock and roll beds can be used for larger groups, as they provide lots of space for people to sleep. Other bed mechanisms can also be added to the space where necessary to make sure that everyone has somewhere to rest at night.

What are your colour schemes and fabric preferences?

Seats come in so many different fabrics and colours so it’s even easier than ever to get the perfect seats to complement your van. Whether you want it all in one colour or to have certain parts accented to match your colour scheme, there are hundreds of colour combinations that you could pick. If you prefer the feels of certain fabrics, then be sure to mention this as we have a good range of different materials available.

How much are you likely to pack?

There’s a good chance that whatever you’re packing for when you’re travelling will still need to be in the van when the beds are in use but it’s good to know that the systems are moveable so that they can be pulled forward or pushed back to maximise your room.

Depending on the type of seats you opt for, you may also be able to get integrated storage underneath them, so you can make sure that you have room for everything you need. It’s important to consider these things before making your purchase so that you can get the right conversion for your van.

If you are still a little short on space though, we can offer many other space-saving solutions for your van conversion. Pull out appliances and extra storage cupboards will give you all the amenities you need, while giving you room to live and relax.

If you’re not sure what you need or would like to discuss your options for your van conversion, get in touch with us today on 01425 276290 or use our contact form and we will have you up and running as soon as possible.