Step 1: Find A VAn

Used or new?

One of the first decisions that will need to be made is what sort of budget you are able to work towards. This will depend on whether you can stretch to buying a new van, or whether you go for a used van. We can supply new and nearly new VW vans which are more reliable of course due to age but come with a VW Warranty for up to 3 years. We always recommend buying a PANEL van to start a conversion – ie a van with nothing in the back, or just fitted ply lining.

What make and model do you want?

We mostly convert VW T5/T6 vans as they are very popular vans, however, we also convert other post 2003 vans e.g. Vauxhall Vivaro, Renault Trafic and Ford Transit Custom vans, which lend themselves well to conversion. VW vans are more expensive as a base van, but if your budget allows, we would recommend VW – if you are interested in resale value when you come to sell it then they hold their value well.

Finding your Van

If you decide to source your own van, it can be difficult to know what is genuine and what isn’t from any of the usual Autotrader, Ebay, Gumtree or Facebook options. To try and prevent any mishaps, we would suggest taking a mechanic with you when viewing the vehicle, checking all log books, service history and ownership/registered keeper documents.

van sample

Inspecting a used van

After making sure the specification is what you would like e.g. air con, sat nav, DAB radio, colour-coded bumpers etc, you would need to check the following when taking it for a test drive: brakes, steering, lights, air con/heating, tyres, suspension, gear box and the engine itself.

Expert advice

We are very open to giving advice on which van would work best for you as this decision is of course quite an important one and effects what budget you are left with to convert your van. The best option is to come to the workshop to see some vans that are part way through conversion and discuss face to face your options – please just phone to make an appointment. However, if you’ve already found the van you’re looking for, please just get in touch or better still come to the workshop for a consultation and we can give you a no obligation quote; your first step to getting your perfect conversion. Call us on 01425 276290 or email us at .

Step 2: choose your layout

Your conversion layout is going to be dictated by how you use your van. So it’s time to decide what you’d like to get out of your van and choose the layout that best suits your needs. Looking for something bespoke? Get in touch and we will work with you to accommodate your ideas.

“The Shoreline”

Ideal for trips to the beach or if you’re looking to sleep as many people as possible inside the van. The front seats swivel to create a comfortable seating area in the back or you can fold out the RIB seat and create a full width bed.

The poptop is optional but provides you with extra headroom as well as space to sleep 2 extra people.

day van e

Rear Conversion

The rear conversion offers something slightly different to your normal layout. The conversion uses 2 single RIB seats which convert into 2 single beds or can be slid together to form a double bed. The units in the rear provide excellent storage space as well as the usual amenities.

This layout lends itself better to a LWB van, however a SWB option is available.

IMG  e

“The Coastline”

This layout is our most popular conversion. It features a 112cm RIB bed which seats 2 people with the ability to fold out into a bed. A full set of units gives you plenty of storage space as well as amenities such as a hob, sink and a fridge. The poptop roof gives you extra head room as well as room to sleep 2 additional people. We have layouts available for both SWB and LWB vans.

We, also, offer a range of other conversions to suit different needs. We can also fit a range of optional extras to suit your requirements, such as – heaters, solar panels, external rinsing stations, toilets and electrical hook up systems.

flatpack revampavan conversion e


Now it’s onto the exciting stage; you get to choose all the different colours and extras available to create your dream camper. To help you in this we have created a “Build Your Van” tool which will help you visualise your conversion and view the different options we have available. Once you’ve designed your van we will typically invite you in for a consultation to view the workshop as well as the samples you have chosen. From there we can then book your build slot. 

We always encourage our customers to book a consultation so we can discuss your requirements and ensure we have everything covered.  


Now it’s time to book in your van ready for the conversion. We will arrange drop off times and make sure we’ve got all the details of your conversion.


We will arrange a pick up time and take you through the hand over so that you know everything about your van for not only day to day use but for future maintenance. You will also receive a full information pack containing the various safety certificates and warranties.