The RIB seats are our most popular version of a crash tested campervan seat for all vans. They have a slightly different design to the Smartbed with head rests, comfier seats and the advantage of the sleeping surface being different from the surface you sit on which results in a much comfier bed. They can come in a variety of upholstery to match your van or custom upholstered to give you a more unique style. The RIB seat is also very easy to use.

Th RIB is available in 112cm, 129cm, 130cm, 150cm(full width) in its static fixed form.

It is also available mounted on the VW Caravelle rails in the 112cm and 150cm width.


Reimo 3000 seat system

The Reimo 3000 bed system is available in 4 width as a 3 seater and 1 width as a 2 seater. 

This versatile seat is available with the bonded rail system, which gives up to 6 locking positions.

Also available with the cheaper bolted rail system with reduced locking positions


The Smart Bed Evo

This excellent M1 tested seat is available as 112cm width

It has 2 x 3 point seatbelts and has an adjustable reclining base abs seat back for maximum comfort.

It folds completely flat and is equally comfortable to sleep on.

Available as a static seat or on Rails (EvoR) it is an excellent seat and will compliment our Coastline and Lowline Conversions



We can reupholster most seats in an almost limitless selection of styles and finishes. From real leather, faux leather and fabric. All available in hundreds of different colour combinations.

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Bespoke design
RIB SEAT with custom Revampavan upholstery

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