Frequently Asked Questions

Poptop Roofs

We can fit Reimo, SCA, Austop roofs and Hi-Lo Roofs.

Yes we are able to fit roofs even if you have an existing conversion inside the van.


Yes we can fit these sockets for you to charge your portable devices.

The split charger allows you to use your leisure battery independently of the starter battery. This means you can drain your leisure battery and the starter battery will not be affected. As you drive; the split charger will ensure the main battery is charged first and will then charge your leisure battery. This ensures worry free power usuage while out on the road. 

We can be fairly flexible with the mounting point but usually it sits under the rear bumper near the tow bar and out of sight.

We can install “stick on” flexible solar panels that are sufficient for powering fridges or helping charge the batteries.

Yes we normally fit extra LED lights into the ceiling, 4x for SWB and 6x for LWB. We can also fit addional flexible reading lights.


Window fitting is usually done within an afternoon. Some windows will require at least 24hrs for their sealant to cure.

We use 80% privacy glass tinted windows.

We can now install window pods, they are a great modern alternative. The blinds are available in a range of colours to complement your van.

We have dummy, fixed, sliding and opener windows.


The heater we usually fit is the MV Aero and uses diesel fuel straight from the main tank.

The heaters are commonly mounted externally on the underside of the van.

The MV Aero 2, which is out most common heater comes with a fixed tiny remote.

Carpet Lining

We always line the access panels separately which does indeed give you access if needed. You would simply pop the panels out as normal.

Yes the carpet lining comes with full Dacron thermal insulation as standard which will keep the heat in and also helps to dampen sound within the van, reducing all those annoying rattle sounds.

No, all panel fixings are discrete and hidden out of sight.


For full details on the re-classification of your van please refer to the documentation here:   Converting vehicle into campervan

You will benefit from cheaper insurance, cheaper MOT prices, cheaper ferry rates and the insurance you’re able to take out will include greater contents cover.

For current lead times please contact us on 01425 276290.

No we do not sell vans directly but we can help you source a high specification panel van that is ready to be Revamped into your perfect van. Not only do you get to create your van the way you want it but this option also works out more cost effective than buying a complete camper.

All the work we carry out is covered for 2 years, including and not limited to electrical work, chassis, woodwork and sealants. Most of the products we use are also covered by manufacturer warranty for at least 12 months. 

We only install fully safety tested gas boxes to ensure in the case there was any gas leak then the gas would be contained and ventilated straight outside. 


We typically don’t install units we are not familar with as not only do we not know the quality but the installation of a poor kit can lead to high fitting costs.

Yes we can provide a bespoke design service, please contact us to arrange a consultation.


Yes we can supply a small portable chemical toilet for your van. Typically stored out of sight within the van.

Yes we have range of wheels for you too choose from and can be fitted while you wait or as part of your conversion.

Yes we have options for underslung tanks available.