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Carpet Lining At Revampervan

At Revampervan our Carpet Lining for all vans big and small is carried out to the highest possible standard.

Carpet lining is one of the main modifications to turn your van into a true camper. Our carpet and insulation combination will not only help reduce the rattles in your van but help regulate your van’s temperature.

We ensure the minimum amount of plywood is used to maximise the usable space inside your van.

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Quality Materials

At Revampavan™ carpet lining is carried out to the highest standard, ensuring only the highest quality materials are used throughout the three-day process.

Our insulation of choice is Dacron Flame Retardant, which conforms to the BS2852 standard for peace of mind. It offers excellent acoustics in the rear of the van, as well as maintaining ideal temperatures to suit different seasons.

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The Carpet

Our carpet lining is the best quality 4-way stretch available, and comes in a range of colours from light silver grey, through to dark charcoal grey.

It’s ideal for use when covering tricky areas, such as window curves and wheel arches, due to its extra stretchiness and it will also sit under rubber seals etc.

  • Flame Retardancy tested to FMVSS302 
  • Weight – 370gms./sq.m. + 5%
  • Texture – A smooth velour carpet
  • Composition – 100% polypropylene fibre
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There are minimal joins, usually no more than two, as we use a complete piece of fabric for each side of the van. All fixings are discrete and out of sight.

We will also trim your original panels to give you removable panels so you can access behind for wiring and easy maintenance.

Most vans are able to be lined in 2-3 days.

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